Please be advised if you are asked not to attend ANY Tantalize Tanning Lounge locations or are banned for abusive, demeaning, derogatory behavior and/or not following the policies of Tantalize Tanning Lounge, you will not be given a refund of any package and/or membership.

Mask Policy

As of now we have a few policy changes going into effect. My Staff and I have
honestly been put through a lot and i have just come to a decision.

If you chose to wear a mask we applaud you and if you don’t we also applaud you.
We have never been mandated to check vaccination status therefore honestly….
We don’t care if you are or aren’t as it’s your business.

I ask if you feel ill in any way please refrain from utilizing our services until you feel better. This is not a new policy but i feel it has to be stated again.
I ask that you continue to observe social distancing practices in All our Tantalize

As a business owner though i do ask that everyone respects everyone’s choices to do as they please for them in my establishments. If you want or need to wear a mask by all means do so as I and my staff will (if we need to, choose to or choose not to) will do so.

I personally feel there has been enough division especially in the past week. At the end of the day I have created establishments for people to come and feel relaxed and enjoy their experience with us. Right now we all need escape and we all need a safe place and if Tantalize East can provide that for even 20 minutes of your day that’s what I created Tantalize for.

We all might not agree with one another but we should respect one another and each others choices to do as they feel and do what’s best for them.
TOGETHER we will get through this and come out better TOGETHER

Be Safe and Be Kind

Lotion & Membership Policy


All Lotions must be purchased from Tantalize Tanning Lounge.

The following lotions are NOT ALLOWED on the equipment at Tantalize Tanning Lounge: Online, Sally’s, Walmart, Drugstore Brands, & ANY outdoor oil or lotion.

You will be asked to leave the above mentioned lotions at the front counter.

Please DO NOT try and sneak these lotions by us.

We will terminate your package if caught.

All minute memberships expire 1 year from date of purchase.

All lounge memberships start on date of purchase.

All memberships and products (lounge and minute) are NON REFUNDABLE


Sorry for any inconvenience but Tantalize Tanning Lounge takes great pride in your safety and our tanning equipment.